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We farm because we can. We farm because we have something most do not, upland grass and prairie. We focus on those ecosystems, and that makes us unique.

Grass and prairie = birds, insects, amphibians, and soil microbes by the millions. An ecosystem of unimaginable life. How cool!

Our farm started by making a decision, let's live where we want to live and do things we want to do.

Our goals are simple: use herbicide as a last resort, no pesticides, limit tillage, and create the best darn wildlife habitat we can, for critters of all sizes. Keep the water clean, sustainable management, and regenerative practices. That can be quite challenging, a difficult path, but very worthwhile.

Life on the farm is a mix of year round and seasonal activities. Horses are rotationally grazed and firewood is collected whenever possible. Spring is busy = tree planting, prescribed burning, and putting up bird houses. Summer is spent enjoying wildflowers, pollinators, and hummingbirds. Early fall is wild ricing and bud capping, late fall birdhouse assembly, and winter is habitat work and property design.

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