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Mixed Forage Farms is located off the social media grid. We love birds, get excited to check the rain gauge, and actively promote practices that ensure water quality and soil health.

We're interested in planting trees, establishing prairie, increasing pollinators, providing great wildlife habitat, sequestering carbon, and leaving land better than we find it.

We're firm believers in resource utilization, perennial covers, and regenerative practices. Build soil, work with the land.

Stewardship and Sustainable Forestry in action:

Minnesota Winter Logging: A Primer - YouTube

We harvest Wild Rice, build bird houses, and cut firewood too. All of it certified MN Grown!

Our farm is Water Quality Certified with endorsements for Wildlife, Soil Health, Integrated Pest Management and being Climate Smart.

Carroll farm achieves water quality certification | Park Rapids Enterprise

Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (

Enjoy our farm virtually (click through the pictures and watch the video) and/or in person, and let us help you with yours.

About Us: Our Farm
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